Local Farm Product Vendors

We’ve gotten to know some great vendors of quality farm products over the years.  We are proud to be able to bring our favorites together in once place for you to enjoy.  We carry these only at our Farm Store, so please stop by and give them a try.

Sweetwater Valley Farm

Sweetwater Valley Farm is one of the few farms in the country producing fine farmstead cheese. They control the process from cow to consumer in order to create high quality cheddar.

Lots of flavors to try:  Mild Yellow Cheddar; Sharp White Cheddar; Buttermilk Cheddar; Smoked Yellow Cheddar; Smoked White Cheddar; Roasted Garlic & Pepper Cheddar; Pimento Cheddar; Italian Pesto Cheddar; Sharp Yellow Cheddar; Fiery Fiesta Cheddar; Black Pepper Cheddar;  Smoked Gouda

Right By Nature

Right by Nature Farm-Orchard-Greenhouse, in nearby Claiborne County, TN, works the land, bringing the fruits & veggies of their labor to share with you. From apples to zucchini, heirloom tomato plants and more, they grow it for you to enjoy.

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Candles

Kelly’s Pasta

Kelly’s Pasta, made in Sevierville, TN is made in very small batches with flour, pasteurized eggs, and olive oil. All of the other ingredients are either grown in her garden using organic practices, purchased from local farmers who do the same, or from non-local sources that are certified organic products when not locally available.

  • Handmade Organic Pasta
  • Handmade soap

Happy Hollow Homestead

Abigail Cavanaugh and her sister Rebecca raise over 100 chickens.  They grade their eggs to size and candle them so there are no spots.  You will be able to taste the difference compared to store-bought eggs.  There is nothing like farm fresh eggs.

  • Farm Fresh Eggs

Ricky Bailey’s Honey

Ricky Bailey keeps bees in nearby Louden County.  You can be assured that his honey is 100% honey, no corn syrup additives like in many imported grocery store honeys.

  • Tennessee Wildflower Honey

The Burns and the Bees

The Burns and the Bees honey is produced from pollen gathered from the hills and mountain forests on their land in Washburn, TN, far away from any industrial agriculture and surrounded by protected land.  Their honey is never heated or filtered, leaving it just as the bees made it, full of pollen and beneficial enzymes. They allow their bees to draw natural comb and never use plastic foundation or frames.   They use no pesticides or antibiotics. Their bees are managed and their honey is produced following Certified Naturally Grown Apiary Standards.  These apiculture standards are developed with the primary focus being on the health of honey bees and the sustainability of beekeeping.

  • Honey.  Local, certified naturally grown (Wildflower &  Sourwood)
  • Handmade Beeswax  Candles

Shelton Farms

Shelton Farms grows their own non-GMO corn on their own farm in the hills of East Tennessee. They use a stone ground mill to produce coarse grits that have graced the governor’s table and are preferred by many local chefs.

  • Yellow Grits
  • Yellow Corn Meal
  • Whole Red Winter Wheat Flour

Gail Lowery’s Goat Milk Soap

Gail makes her Goat’s Milk soap from an old recipe she learned from a class taken at the Museum of Appalachia 10 years ago.  She uses goat’s milk, coconut and soybean oils to make lye-based soaps that generate lots of creamy suds.   Her son prefers it over traditional shaving cream.  Perfect for eczema, psoriasis and poison ivy.  Lots of scents including Hollister (for men), Sandalwood, Patchouli, Lavender, and more.

  • Handmade Soap
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